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The Chosen Three ♫

Amer Bin Azmi . Also known as Yoshi Kamaru .
Has been my unlikely twin since form 1 . Always be there for me when I got problem or bored .
Like to read comics , watching cartoon , playing online games & eat *oblong* (a specially design burger)
Always thinks forward . Kinda emo/serious sometimes .
Most of the students know him becoz of his attitude towards gangsterism . haha !
but he is not a gangster , trust me .

Amyrul Shazafry bin Julastri . Better known as Tamaki .
The most matted friend I ever knew .  Although he behave like this , but he's very different inside .
Likes to disturbed people and makes them really mad with his pesky mouth . haha ! 
but sometimes he likes to sleep to  .
Lurve to dance , hangout & smoke shisha .

Daud bin Yusoff . Soulgigx / Little-D , is what they call him .
One of my fatefull advisor and companion in class for 3 years .
A cool and calm person . This guy is very hard to get angry at all .
Many didn't know much about this guy . It will forever remains a mystery ..